Our Story

Glue on Paper is a bespoke stationery brand, designed in-house, founded by Rhea Arora. We are a creative space that Uplifts Spirits, Work Ethic, Helps you Plan, Keeps you Organized and Delivers Happy Vibes, without compromising on the look and quality we are a modern and chic brand with sustainable packaging.

Glue on Paper is born out of obsessive love for all things pretty and pink, artful stationery and aesthetic décor, crafted with great attention to detail, we love to give an inventive touch to whatever to create.

Our goal is to bring beauty to the work life by delivering happiness and quality with every product.

Rhea Arora, the Founder and Creative Director of Glue on Paper studied Fashion and Accessories designing from a private school in Milan, Italy. Growing up, she always had an eye for detail and love for all things creative, be it for a Birthday or Christmas, crafting a specially curated card or present was something she always cherished. Since doing craft has always been her passion, it inspired her to take a step forward and create something to deliver happiness to everyone she could.

We at Glue on Paper, strive to deliver the best.
Cultivate an elegant mind with Glue on Paper

Keep Sparkling!
With love,
Rhea Arora
Founder and Creative Director
Glue on Paper