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Bridal Shower Games - Set of 5

Bridal Shower Games - Set of 5

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 Dear Bride & Bridesmaid,

This gold foiled envelope holds not just games, but a promise of joy, laughter, and memories that the bride will cherish forever.

Let these games be the heartbeat of the celebration, weaving joy into the tapestry of this beautiful bridal shower.

Cheers to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

Set of 5 includes

  • 4 Bridesmaid Envelopes (8 games in each + a writeup for the bridesmaid)

  • 1 Bride Envelope (8 games + 2 FREE games in the Bride Set + a writeup for the bride to cherish forever)

  • All envelopes are Gold Foiled 

Please note: 

  • Only games included in the "Bride Set" are gold foiled

Game 1: "He Said, She Said"

Test your knowledge of the couple's love story by guessing who said what. A hilarious journey down memory lane awaits!

Game 2: "Who Knows the Bride Best?"

Put your friendship to the test with this game of bridal trivia. Who will reign supreme as the ultimate BFF?

Game 3: "Bridal Scattegories"

Think on your feet and come up with creative answers in this fast-paced and fun twist on the classic game.

Game 4: "What's In Your Bag?"

Discover the secrets hiding in your fellow guests' bags. From practical to quirky, it's a revealing and entertaining game!

Game 5: "What's In Your Phone?"

Share your most hilarious, sentimental, or unique photos and apps. Get ready for some surprising revelations!

Game 6: "What Did the Groom Say?"

Test your knowledge of the groom's quirks, preferences, and opinions. Can you guess what he said about his lovely bride?

Game 7: "Would She Rather?"

Explore the bride's preferences and see how well you know her choices. A game of dilemmas and laughter awaits!

Game 8: "Saying 'I Love You' in Different Languages"

Unleash your linguistic talents and guess how to say "I love you" in various languages. A heartwarming and multicultural experience!

Game 9 & 10: Buy it to reveal the special surprise

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